It is so in the world of betting on college football; some bettors are attracted to the safest bets out there. Others are drawn to the bet that is a longer shot but could bring a bigger win. Those in the second group are into Parlays. Big Time.

A Parlay is what now?
Most kinds of bets require the bettor to make a bet, of whatever style, on one college football game. The Parlay turns its back on the single-game bet and ups the risk, requiring the bettor to bet on at least 2 games – and maybe up to 12 or, in recent times, as many as 15. have to be right 100% of the time. Say, you have picked it as it went down 99% of the time. That would be amazing – and you’d receive no reward. It can be a harsh bet - the Parlay. A harsh bet with the allure of an ever so sweet payoff.

Why consider the Parlay?
At first glance the parlay might seem like a bet for the foolish that walk among us. Yet it is a popular bet. Why? Well, you can think of the parlay like a lottery, only with better odds. Risking a small amount of money on a Parlay bet gives you a chance at a huge win. Huge like the Brontosaurus was huge. Or the Great White Shark is.

An example is the best way to illustrate the power of the Parlay. Say a bettor places a Parlay bet of $2 on 6 teams. The stars are aligned and the bettor gets it right, all 6 times. The regular odds for such a bet would be 40/1 – meaning a payout of $80. So, for putting down $2, $80 is won. We have no doubt that you are beginning to see why the Parlay calls the names of so many college football bettors.

The Parlay is on the move
A successful kind of bet – a bet that has a fan base – is eventually tweaked by bookmakers, giving that fan base a new way to enjoy their go-to bet. Enter the progressive parlay. What is the difference between a regular Parlay and a Progressive Parlay? The Progressive Parlay allows you to lose and win – if you are correct, say, 4 out of 6 times, you still win some coin, though at lower odds.

The Progressive Parlay takes the sting out of being right 5/6 times and being rewarded with a perfectly round 0.

The Parlay has its fans. Its risk-taking, lover-of-long-shots-that-could-pay-off-huge fans. One cool thing about the Parlay is that the thrill of the hunt can continue longer than in a traditional bet when it is all over when the game is over. Enjoy.

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