You’ll also be able to tie games together in parlay-like fashion. However, with pleasers, you’re moving the line out of your favor, rather than into your favor. With pleaser wagering, only basketball and football games are eligible.
Lots of popular online sportsbook services provide their clientele with access to NBA basketball pleasers. Examples include Wagerweb, 5Dimes and Sportbet.
To help you master the principle of pleasers, we’ve created a hypothetical example.
If you have a couple of games with typical point spreads of:
Seattle Seahawks +3
Minnesota Vikings -3
Chicago Bears +4
Indianapolis Colts -4
You may choose the Vikings for the first game and then select the Colts in the 2nd match. A two-team seven point pleaser would change the spreads to:
Minnesota -10
Indianapolis -11
In these cases, you would need to cover these spreads in order for the pleaser bet to be a successful one.
Conversely, you could choose Seattle and the Bears and make a wager with Seattle -4 and Chicago -3.
Since you are making the bet more difficult and lowering your odds of victory, these bets will get you more money than a parlay wager would. In the situations of a two-team, seven pointer, the payout would be 8-1 instead of the standard parlay payout, which is 2.6 to 1.
Now, let’s explore an example of a 7 point pleaser payout from Wagerweb: (Every sportsbook book will offer its own features, dependent on how many points you will be able to move the line)
7 Point Football Pleaser (ties push)
2 teamer 8-1
3 teamer 25-1
4 teamer 60-1
5 teamer 150-1
6 teamer 450-1
7 teamer 700-1
8 teamer 1000-1
9 teamer 1350-1
10 teamer 1750-1
In basketball, a 4 point basketball pleaser would payout:
4 Point Basketball Pleaser
2 teamer 4-1
3 teamer 8-1
4 teamer 20-1
5 teamer 50-1
6 teamer 100-1
Now that you know more about NBA basketball pleaser wagers, you’ll be ready to decide if this form of sports wagering is really right for you. As long as you select the right sports book service, you should be able to enjoy all of the best features of pleaser wagers, without any downside. So, why not try this popular form of sports betting today?

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