The two main categories of bets for Roulette are inside and outside bets. With inside wagers, you bet on numbers from 1 through 36. For outside bets, you wager on the betting boxes that are situated on the outside of the betting table. Examples of bets that are considered “outside” include odd, even, red, black, and one of the 3 "dozen's bets", one of which is the "1st 1-12 bet".
When you wager on the 1-12, you are betting that when the wheel is spun, the white ball will land on a number that is 1-12. If you win the 1-12 bet and the ball does rest on one of those numbers, you will be a winner, and you will receive a payout at 2 to 1. You can make the 1-12 bet alone or you can do it it with various combination wagers. Many times, when men and women make the dozen's bet of 1-12, they will also wager on certain of the specific numbers of 1-12. Then, if they win that number, they will be paid out for both the number bet and the 1-12 bet.
When enjoying Roulette via the Web, it’s smart to search for the European version of the game. In European Roulette, there is a single zero, instead of two zeros, as is found in the American version. By choosing the European version, you will enjoy enhanced odds, as there is a lesser likelihood of hitting a zero when there is only one of them on the wheel. For this reason, if you win the 1-12 wager when playing European Roulette, you are boosting your odds of winning. In European Roulette, there is a house advantage of 2.7% - with American Roulette, there is a house advantage of 5.3%.
Before you try Roulette, you should learn what house minimum and maximum bets are. Since these will vary based on which casino you choose, it’s important to know the facts before you “spin the wheel” and enjoy this daring game of chance. Some minimums will be as low as one dollar, while others will be five bucks. Some maximums will be five hundred dollars, while others will be one thousand dollars.

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