Whether you choose inside bets or outside bets is up to you. Inside bets are the ones that are made on the 36 numbers found on the Roulette table. The outside wagers are bets made on the boxes found outside of the 36 numbers on the table.
One form of outside wager is known as the “black bet”. Because there is a black box which is located beyond the 36 numbers, it’s possible to put a wager on the black box that you are betting on, on the spin you’re wagering on. If the ball lands on one of the black numbers, you will be paid out by the croupier.
Lots of men and women assume that they have a fifty-fifty chance of winning their black (or red) bets. In reality, there are one or two green squares on every Roulette wheel. American roulette has one green box (zero) and European roulette has two green squares (zero and double zero). Therefore, odds are not strictly fifty-fifty. In other words, the casino will always have an advantage over you in these sorts of bets. Be aware of this before proceeding to wager on this timeless and classic game.
This house edge or advantage is the reason why casinos earn money on roulette. It’s also the reason why players lose money some of the time.
When you go for the black bet in roulette, you’ll be able to make a single bet or choose a combination. For example, with a combo bet, you may wager on black and then add various numbers or boxes to your bet. Always be aware of house minimums for betting before you place a wager. In some cases, it may be just five dollars, with a maximum bet of five hundred dollars. Other casinos may have minimums as low as one dollar or as high as one thousand dollars.
You may bet in community-based casinos or online. Bear in mind that European-rules Roulette will give you better odds. You can usually find that style of Roulette at online casinos. You’ll need to be in Europe to play this style of Roulette in bricks-and-mortar gaming houses.
Now that you know more about betting on black in Roulette, you’ll be able to make a wise and informed decision about whether or not this form of wagering is really right for you.

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