For example, there are straight (single) bets and combination bets (mixtures of bet types). In Roulette, there are inside bets on 36 numbers and outside wagers, on the boxes that are found on the outside of numerals, including black, red, odd and even.
One form of outside wager that may be made is the straight red wager. Outside the 36 numbers, there is a red area (a box), which is the red bet. When you choose this wager, you’re predicting that the Roulette wheel’s white ball will land on one of any of the 18 red numbers on the wheel. If you wager on red and the ball lands on red, you’ll win. If it lands on black or green, you’ll lose. Because the green numbers, zero and double zero, give the casino an advantage, the odds aren’t fifty-fifty between you and the house. That’s an important fact to understand as you begin to toy with the idea of placing red bets or other types of roulette bets.
In American Roulette, there will always be a couple of zero boxes (0 and 00) that are green. In European Roulette, there will only be one zero box, which is also green. Therefore, the house has a more significant edge in American Roulette. The house advantage for American Roulette is 5.3%, whereas it’s only 2.7% for European Roulette. As you can see, whether there is one or two “zero” spaces can make a big difference. In fact, casinos tend to rake in cash in Roulette thanks to the presence of these two (or one) squares.
A red bet can be made as a standalone wager, or with a mixture of other bets. There is usually a betting minimum, which is the minimum amount you will need to wager on each box. Therefore, if the betting minimum at a Roulette table is five dollars, then you have to wager at least five dollars on the red box if you want to wager on red. There is also usually a table maximum, which is the most money that you can wager. Therefore, if the table maximum is one thousand dollars, that is the biggest amount that you may wager on the whole table on one spin. You may bet $1,000 on a straight (single) bet, such as on red, or choose a combination of bets spread on the table. However, you are not allowed to bet more than one thousand bucks.

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