You may choose single bets or go for combo bets in order to enjoy tons of flexibility. One type of wager that you may make during Roulette gameplay is “betting the zero”. To help you learn about this form of Roulette wager, we’ve created a practical quick guide.
What is “Betting the Zero”?
When you select European-style Roulette, there will only be a single zero on the wheel. If you play American-style Roulette, there will be a zero and a double zero. The zero in Roulette is what makes it possible for the casino to earn money on this thrilling game of chance. Because odds aren’t strictly fifty-fifty (although some newbie Roulette players assume that they are), the casino always has an edge. The American casino will have double the edge of the European one. Although there are 18 red and 18 black numbers on the wheel, the presence of these zeros shakes thing up. As long as you’re aware of the house advantage, you’ll be prepared to bet wisely.
When you bet the green zero, you’ll be in line for a big payout if you win. Because odds for this bet are a whopping 35:1, it’s possible to win very big. Sometimes, people will hedge their bets by making a green zero bet and then combining it with other bets, such as bets on numbers or colors. These bets play lower odds, but have a higher likelihood of netting out in a positive way.
If you enjoy playing Roulette via the World Wide Web, you should make a point of accessing an online platform which features European-style Roulette, rather than American. Because the Euro house edge is also 2.7 percent, versus the American house edge of 5.3 percent, you’ll be able to increase your odds by choosing a European platform.
When preparing to play, you need to know about house minimums and maximums for wagers. These may be as small as one dollar and as big as one thousand dollars. Be sure to understand all house rules before entering into the exciting and glamorous world of Roulette. Whether you play offline or online, understanding the rules, such as how to bet the zero, will help you to master the fundamentals of Roulette, which has been around since the 17th century.
When the dealer spins the wheel, enjoy an adrenaline rush like no other. Then, hope for the very best.

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