The inside bets are comprised of actual numbers which correspond to numbers found on the Roulette wheel. Outside bets are known as boxes, which are other types of wagers that you can select
The even bet is an outside bet, which carries slightly better odds than an inside bet. If you wager on the even box, you are wagering that when the Roulette wheel spins, the ball will hit an even number. If you wager on an even bet and the ball falls on an even number, you will be the winner. The dealer, or croupier, will then pay you out at 1 to 1. So, if you bet $5 on your even wager and the ball falls on an even number you will double your money. In other words, your original stake will be returned to you, along with your five dollar reward, for a total of ten dollars.
Because there are 18 odd numbers and 18 even numbers, lots of gamers make the incorrect assumption that the odds of victory are 50/50. This is not the case, because there are two green numbers on the wheel. These are zero and double zero in American Roulette. In European Roulette, there is only one zero, so odds are slightly more even. While odds for roulette are pretty close to 50/50, they are not precisely 50/50. The casino gets an advantage, due to the presence of one or two zero spots on the Roulette wheel.
There are myriad wagers that you can make in Roulette and you can also make a single bet, such as even or a number, or a mixture of wagers. Before you try Roulette, you need to find out the regulations of the table or online platform that you play the game at. There will be a minimum bet posted, in addition to a maximum bet. For example, if a minimum bet is one dollar, then one dollar is the minimum single bet that you may make.
Conversely, the maximum bet is the max amount that you may bet on the table during a single spin. If the maximum bet is $1,000 for a Roulette game, this means that you can wager the max amount of $1,000 on an individual wager, such as even or red, or choose the max amount of $1,000, spread throughout the betting table.

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