* What is Roulette?
This game is generally played in all online and brick & mortar casinos of Europe and USA. Roulette is so named because it is played by rotating a large disc with 37 / 38 pockets with various colors and each with a different number. When a bet is placed by a player, a small ball is placed on the tilted track on the circumference of the disc and rotated speedily on the opposite direction of the wheel. When both parts of the disc are turned round by croupier of the casino, subsequently the ball falls off in one of the pockets of the base disc. If the number or color of the pocket where the ball drops in, matches that of the bet placed, the player wins.

* The Rules
The players have some choices in betting, they can either bet inside i.e. tell the exact number of the pocket or a small series of pockets in the disc; or they can bet outside i.e. select a specific set of colors of the pockets or according to odd or even numbering of the pockets. Any player can go on betting when the ball is still spinning on the wheel, till the game is called off by the dealer of the table in Roulette game.

* The Casino
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