TheBitgames is an online bitcoin casino website which offers games such as Card prediction games, Roulette, Video Poker etc. The website launched at may 2013, and since has been a work in progress with features being added to the website at all times. In order to start playing the games offered by TheBitGames.com you only need to transfer your bitcoins to the address which has assigned to you and start playing.

More Details:

At the home page you can try to predict the cards that will be drawn by the system, there are two kind of lotteries, the first one draws one card (J,Q,K or A) each 5 minutes and for predicting the card you'll get X15 of your bet, the second lottery draws two cards (J, Q, K or A) every 10 minutes and predicting both cards will get you X40 of your bet and if you predicted only one (at any order) you'll get X3 of your bet. These bets are blockchain based, which means that you have a permanent address for each bet and transferring your bet to one of this addresses places your bet, you can place these bets without entering the site but only by transferring your bet to the bet address.

All other games at the site are Balance based games, which means that you transfer your bitcoins to the address which was assigned to you by the system and start playing all the games using this balance, when you are done playing you click withdraw and you get your winnings.

The website currently has single-zero Roulette, Video Poker and a "1 of 4" card game, when you get into the website you assigned a bitcoin address to which you transfer your bitcoins and you can navigate to all other pages at the site and your balance will be saved as long as your browser is open.

If you would like to play all the games for free before making the bitcoin transaction you can use the "Play Money" mode which allows you to play for fun all the games besides the home page lotteries.

TheBitgames.com uses zero confirmations deposits which means that you can start playing immediately and the withdraws are immediate as well.

On any question or any issue you can leave your details using the "contact us" section and you'll receive an answer within few hours in the worst case and within a few minutes in most cases.

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